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Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal review

Our free for all continues with a healthy dose of horror comedy, which personally I need right now. I'm quite confident Jill feels exactly the same. This week we spend time with a mute part-time cannibal and the man who manipulates him for... the greater good?   Intrigued?  Well, read on friends for our views on this twisted web of secrets, crunchy human parts and the concept of pain and suffering for art. 

The Humans review

I will fight the urge to comment on the passage of time and how quickly it passes through our splayed fingers. Instead let's focus on a brand new month of hopeful film picks. We've decided to go for a Free For All to tick off some of the titles on our watchlists - and also neither of us were feeling particularly inspired when it came to choosing a theme. This week we take a little trot down A24 Lane with Netflix's new offering. Sold as a drama, I've also read a few takes on it being a modern horror movie which is harder to process but makes sense. I'll go into it below but ultimately let you be the judge. 

The first film to make me cry

I wrote this for work's magazine - I'm resident film columnist, yo. Thought I'd share here too:  I thought long and hard about how to utilise this small space within the new CS Mag. Rather than review anything new, I've decided to take it back to the very beginning, to the movies that made me fall in love with film on the whole. You can consider this column a love letter to the films that made me who I am today - the ones that frightened, comforted, excited, upset - and taught me about the world and experiences light years beyond my own. Today: the first film to make me cry. We'll start light. 

Euphoria high

Euphoria has just become the most viewed HBO show, after only Game of Thrones - and is also currently the most tweeted about show too. Do you watch? I think it's incredible in many ways, though it is easy to make fun of. If you've seen any of the 'I forgot I go to Euphoria high' tik toks you'll know what I mean.  My school days were light years away from the daily grind of Maddy and pals - and that's why I enjoy the escapism of it all. I'm not the target audience for the show but it's still got me hook line and sinker and it's the fantastical element that grabs me. School was Hell as far as I was concerned, a sexless waste ground for a chubby ginger girl with poor taste in fashion and a penchant for too much Coffee Shimmer lipstick. You too?