Ready for this Giallo

I've decided to give myself a proper horror education, starting with all the Giallo I haven't seen yet. The Horror genre has so much to offer beyond the films I already love so I've decided to start ticking some off my movie bucket list.

​I love Italian Giallo a lot (definition here) because it is so damn extra - and bit by bit I'll be learning more and adding more to my collection. As I work my way through the list I'll be reviewing at the same time, which should be a lot of fun and will be independent of the Blog Collab movies I'll do with Jill. Well, unless we have a Giallo themed month which isn't so far outside the realms of possibility.

I'll probably look at other sub-genres of Horror after but this year I think the Giallo masters should keep me busy. I've sketched out a very rough plan and already there are at least a hundred titles on there. I've decided to start with Lucio Fulci AKA​ the 'Godfather of Gore' just because I fancy it. Of course Dario Argento features heavily. 

I'll aim for a film a week alongside the Collab so if you're into it my reviews will be there. 

In the mean time, here's the full Giallo bucket list


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